Interactive Civil Liberties Human Rights Conference ~ Saturday, December 1 ~ VenueSIX10, 610 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

Protecting access to reproductive health care in a time of seige

Time: 11:15 am – 12:15 pm
Location: Room 707 – 7th floor

Moderator: Betsy Lehman-Levisay
Lorie Chaiten – Reproductive Rights Project Director, ACLU of Illinois
Lorraine Kenny – Sr. Program Strategist, Center for Liberty, American Civil Liberties Union
Pamela Merritt – Blogger, Writer and Organizer; Founder of

The ability for women to access reproductive health care, including abortion services, is under siege. Across the nation, state after state has adopted and implemented stringent limitations on access to such care, from laws mandating invasive ultrasounds, to measures that place unnecessary regulations on women’s health clinics, to restrictions specifically designed to make it nearly impossible for health care providers to offer abortions. The fight for access to reproductive health care is also being fought on the federal level, with battles in Congress over funding for family planning and numerous lawsuits, filed in the name of religious liberty, seeking to deny women the promise of equality in insurance coverage.

The panel will explore the nature of these challenges and the impact they have on the overriding goal of achieving reproductive justice. We will pay particular attention to the public debate over these issues – how we got to this place and what messages will assist in supporting efforts to overcome these challenges to safeguard our basic freedoms.

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