Interactive Civil Liberties Human Rights Conference ~ Saturday, December 1 ~ VenueSIX10, 610 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

Working with elected officials – making it work for everyone

Time: 1:45 pm – 2:45 pm
Location: Room 707 – 7th Floor

Moderator: Heidi Dalenburg, Partner, Schiff Harden LLP
State Representative Kelly Cassidy, 14th Representative District
Mary Dixon, Legislative Director, ACLU of Illinois

In the end, affecting public policy most often means having to reach out to public officials and convincing them of the need for change in policy. But for many, the notion of working with a public official is a foreign, fraught with anxiety and nervousness.

The purpose of the panel is to explore how we can work effectively with public officials, how to determine when to talk to those officials, where and what kinds of contacts are most effective and what information that the legislator needs to make a decision. We also will ask the question of how much contact is too much.

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